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There came out my very first book 'The Power of Truth-Telling' - excerpts from the history of a down-fall of a planet, called Smearth - not yet much known on our planet. The book came out in 3 languages - Estonian, Russian and English in edition of 'Propeller' in Berlin.

You can find the digital version of the book here


in English

in Russian

in Estonian


The paper version came out in two versions - one in Estonian and in English, another in Estonian and in Russian. English tanslation by Elo Masing, Russian version by Ilya Kitup and Priit Ruttas. You can purchase a paper copy for 5 €, plus postal costs, connecting via the contact form.

And here is a short stand-up, for overall happiness, with some stories from this book (in Russian) performed in Berlin, PANDA Theatre, Dec. 2015.