Priit Ruttas, theatre director and actor,, currently based in Berlin, obtained a master's degree in directing from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) in Moscow, 2002.

As an actor, Priit has been cast in several productions of the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theatre,, having appeared at festivals such as the Anton Chekhov Festival in Moscow, Homo Novus in Latvia, and the Paris Autumn Festival.

For directing the stage production of Victor Pelevin's 'Hermit and Sixfinger' was awarded the Innokenti Smoktunovski Prize at the International Theatre Festival 'Youth of the Century'.

In addition to acting and directing, Priit composes original music for stage as well as film, and is also active as a visual artist.









Stage productions:


2013 E. Grishkovets “Simultaneously”, Solo Performance Centre, Conway Hall, London, UK (in English)

2008 E. Grishkovets “Simultaneously”, Athena Centre, Tartu Uus Teater, Estonia (in Estonian)

2002 A. S. Pushkin “Mozart and Salieri”, Tartu Sadamateater, Estonia,

2000 V. Pelevin “Hermit and Sixfinger”, Estonian Drama Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia

1999 A. S. Pushkin "The Covetous Knight", GITIS, Moscow

1998 J. B. Molière "School for Women", GITIS, Moscow

1997 O. Wilde "The Ideal Husband", GITIS, Moscow

1996 W. Gibson "Two for the See-saw", GITIS, Moscow

1995 E. Scribe "The Charlatans", Estonian National Opera, Tallinn, Estonia

1994 G. Verdi opera "Don Carlo" (assist. dir. to N. Kuningas, C. Cillario), Estonian National Opera, Tallinn, Estonia

1994 S. Mrozhek "The Contract", Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia